Paying for care: Deferred Payment Agreements

Other options

Renting out your property

You could rent out your property.

This may give you enough income to cover the full cost of your care.

There are advantages to this as it would prevent future debt, but there could also be costs associated with renting out your home and requirements you will need to meet.

Using income, savings or help from family members

You may choose to pay the full cost of your care from your income and savings, or a family member may choose to pay some or all of this for you.

You will need to consider how sustainable this arrangement will be in the long-term.

Releasing equity from your home

There are also various equity release products that may be suitable for you.

Equity release products let you access the equity (money) tied up in your home.

You may be able to take the money as a lump sum, in several smaller amounts, or both.

You should get independent legal and financial advice to help you decide which option is best for you.


You are free to enter a different finance arrangement with another lender or financial institution, such as your bank or building society, to borrow the money needed to pay for your care.

In all cases, we recommend that you get independent financial advice before making any decisions about paying for your future care or making any financial agreements.