Paying for care: Deferred Payment Agreements

How it works

A Deferred Payment Agreement (DPA) is designed to help you if you have been assessed as having to pay the full cost of your care but cannot afford to pay it because most of your money is tied up in your former home.

By entering a DPA, you essentially choose to borrow money from the Council on a weekly basis to fund your care instead of selling your home straight away.

This means the payment is deferred - what you borrow under a DPA will need to be repaid later, as well as interest.

The Council will place a legal charge on your property for security while the DPA is in place.

If you have a different asset of high value, you may be able to use that for security instead.

For the DPA to be sustainable, we need to ensure the money tied up in your home, along with your other savings and investments, is enough to cover the estimated cost of your future care.