Resetting your password for employees

This information is for South Tyneside Council employees.

This guidance is only for employees that have set up Multi-factor Authentication. 

If you have not set up Multi-factor Authentication you will need to call the ICT service desk to reset your password / unlock your account. When you are logged back on, please remember to register using our guidance on the Intranet

If you have biometrics set up on your phone (password, facial recognition or fingerprint recognition), you may get asked to use this.

Getting back into your account

  1. Go to on a personal or work phone (please make sure you are signed out before following these steps. To sign out of Microsoft click the profile image at the top right, on the 'pick an account' page select 'use another account')
  2. Click the profile icon in the top right-hand corner. This will bring you to a sign-in page 
    Can't access your account screenshot
  3. Click on 'can't access your account?' underneath the sign in section. You will get a pop-up asking what kind of account you need help with. Select 'work or school account' 
    Which type of account screenshot
  4. A screen will appear stating 'get back into your account'. In the email or username section, type your work email address, complete the words in the image and click 'next' 
  5. You will then be asked why you are having trouble signing in. You will be given two options, please select the one that applies to you:
    • I've forgotten my password (this will reset your password to unlock your account) 
    • I know my password but I can't sign in (this will unlock your account but keep your password) 

Depending on what authentication methods you have set up, you will either be asked to use the Microsoft Authenticator app, or your phone number: