Getting into your account using the Microsoft Authenticator app

This information is for South Tyneside Council employees.

If you have followed the previous steps on resetting your password in a web browser, you should now have the option to 'enter a code from my authenticator app'. 

  1. Open the Microsoft Authenticator app on the device it is linked to.
  2. Remember the 6-digit passcode and enter this on the screen under 'enter the code displayed in your authenticator app'. Please note this code is refreshed every 30 seconds. 
  3. Depending on which option you chose previously, either your account will now be unlocked, or you will asked to select a new password.

You may need to wait a few minutes before you can log on with the new password.

After logging back into your laptop, Ivanti (how we connect securely) may ask you for your new password before it can connect you to the internet.

You should also receive an email to your work email address advising you that your password has been reset.