Direct payments (adult social care)

How your direct payment will be paid

Your direct payment will be paid into the online bank account at agreed periods of time. This is usually split into 13 equal payments made every 4 weeks. Some people may receive their direct payment as a one-off payment.

You can then use the money to pay any invoices for your care or to arrange to pay your personal assistant.

If you must pay towards your care, you must make sure you transfer the full amount of your contributions from your personal account into the direct payment bank account every month so you have enough money to pay for your care.

For example: if the monthly direct payment amount is £150 and you have been assessed to contribute £40 per month towards your care, the council will transfer £110 into the direct payment bank account, and you will transfer £40.

It's always easier if this is set up as a standing order.

The Self-Directed Support Team can offer further support and will answer any questions about the bank account. They will also carry out regular reviews to make sure everything is working well.

Any changes to your care and support needs will be overseen by your social care worker.