Direct payments (adult social care)

Who qualifies for a direct payment

You can request a direct payment if you have been assessed by adult social care and have eligible needs and require support to have those needs met.

A social care worker will work with you to develop a support plan. This will set out what you want to achieve and how your assessed needs will be met.

This could include community support like activity groups or leisure services, or support from family and friends. 

If you still have needs to be met, we will work out the amount of money needed to meet your needs and that becomes your personal budget. A direct payment is the way we can transfer the money to you. A financial assessment will calculate how much you need to contribute towards your care and we will take that off the amount of direct payment given to you.    

Agreeing to a direct payment

You have to agree to a direct payment and sign an agreement (contract) with the Council. The agreement describes your responsbilities, what the direct payment can be spent on and how it will be monitored. 

If a person does not have mental capacity to consent to a direct payment, but is in their best interests to have their needs with one, a representative can manage it for them. They are known as an Authorised Person.

They will enter into the agreement with the council and are responsible and accountable for any decisions or spending relating to the direct payment.