Streetworks by utility companies and developers

Temporary traffic management

Highway works often involve temporary traffic controls which depend on the nature, duration and location of the works.

For information on what temporary traffic controls would be appropriate visit GOV.UK: Guidance on safety at street works and road works.

When applying for a street works licence or letting us know of the works if you are a gas, electricity, telecommunication or water supply company, you must tell the Council what type of temporary traffic management you propose to use.

Stop and go boards

In many cases, 'Stop/Go' boards will be enough to control traffic.

Advanced consent from the Council for Stop/Go boards is not normally needed but we reserve the right to issue directions.

For more information visit GOV.UK: Guidance on safety at street works and road works.

Temporary traffic lights

You may need to use temporary traffic lights for more significant or complex works. 

If you think you will need temporary traffic lights when carrying out works on the highway, you will need to ask permission from the Council.

All completed forms should be emailed to

Request permission for temporary traffic lights

Temporary road closure

If you think you will need a temporary closure when carrying out works on the highway, you will need to ask permission from the Council. 

Temporary restriction application form (TTRN and TTRO)

Email your completed form to

The Council can temporarily close roads, footways, footpaths and public rights of way under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 if:

  • Works are proposed to be carried out on or near the highway or public rights of way.
  • There is a potential danger to the public or serious damage to the highway or right of way.
  • It is needed for maintenance works undertaken on behalf of the council.

Section 14 (1): Allows for roads to be closed for 5 days and for 18 months (footways, footpaths and public right of ways 5 days and for 6 months). These requests must be submitted at least four to six weeks before the closure is required. If there is any doubt that work cannot be completed within five days, it is advisable that an order (valid for up to eighteen months) is the best choice.

If a longer closure is required past the 18 month period, then an application has to be made to the Secretary of State for the Environment for an extension. This application must be made in good time before the initial closure period has expired and there will be an additional charge.

Section 14 (2): Allows for emergency closures of up to 21 days (routes must be inaccessible or dangerous for the public to use for an emergency closure).


Please see current costs in the temporary restriction application form.

Making an application for a road closure does not automatically guarantee that permission will be granted,

Your application will be assessed and one of our street works officers will contact you to advise if your proposals can be accommodated.

If your road closure application is to coincide with a Section 50 or Road Opening Notice, please make sure that you apply for these separately first, within the timescales provided.