Streetworks by utility companies and developers

Section 50 licence

You must apply for a licence if you want to place new, or work on, existing apparatus (e.g. cables, pipes or sewers) in the highway. This does not apply to certain gas, electricity, telecommunications and water supply companies. 

This licence allows you to have the same rules and rights as gas, electricity, telecommunications and water supply companies.

We are not obliged to grant a Section 50 licence and there is a charge for it.


The amount changes depending on a range of factors such as how many units of inspection the proposed work would create.

The definition of a unit of inspection can be found at national code of practice for inspections GOV.UK: Street works coordination.

The total fee for excavations that are less than 200metres in length is £924.

There are also penalties for non-compliance, just as there are for gas, electricity, telecommunication and water supply companies.

Complete the Section 50 licence

All completed Section 50 licences should be emailed to

Apply for a Section 50 licence