Green bins (garden waste)

What you can put in your green bin

We can accept

  • Grass
  • Leaves
  • Weeds
  • Flowers and plants
  • Hedge trimmings
  • Branches (not more than 10cm thick)
  • Prunings and twigs
  • Fruit blown down by the wind

We cannot accept

  • Food or kitchen waste (this includes potato peelings, cabbage leaves, carrot and parsnip tops, orange peelings and pea and bean pods)
  • Animal bedding
  • Cat or dog faeces
  • Vacuum dust or fire cinders
  • Soil, stones or rubble
  • Wood that has been treated or painted
  • Cardboard and Tetra packs (milk or juice cartons). These can all go in your blue recycling bin
  • Plastic flower pots, trays or bags

If your bin contains items it shouldn't

If your bin contains items it shouldn't, we will leave a tag on your bin to let you know.

We will empty your bin on your next collection date, as long as the items have been removed.

We reserve the right to refuse to empty a bin if it contains the items we can't accept (listed above), or if it is too heavy.

If you have extra garden waste

Depending on what type and how much extra waste you have, you can:

Please do not

  • Overload your bin (our crews must be able to safely move the bin and it must be lifted safely by the bin lorry). Please make sure the lid of your bin closes before putting your bin out for collection.
  • Line your bin. Bin liners contaminate the waste and can damage shredding equipment used during composting.