Recycling Village (tip)


Information on the Recycling Village (tip), opening times, how to book a slot, types of waste you can bring and more.

Additional slots

We have made changes at the Recycling Village to help minimise the impact of the bin strikes.

We have:

  • Opened more than 2000 new slots per week
  • Doubled the number of visits per month from 4 to 8 for households with cars

Please make sure you cancel your slot if you no longer need it.

Please note: queues may be longer than normal when attending an appointment due to the strike.

You can use the Recycling Village (tip) to recycle household items.

You cannot use this service to recycle business waste. See information for business and trades people.

You must live in South Tyneside to use the Recycling Village.

See how to book a slot.