How the Council is performing

Find out how the Council is performing by reading South Tyneside Council's annual reports and performance reviews.


We will be delivering our 20 year vision through a series of clear 3 year strategies. To find out more, see the South Tyneside Vision, Ambitions and Strategy.

We are constantly reviewing how we are performing, especially in relation to what we plan to achieve as part of our vision and strategy.

Our latest quarterly performance report was published in January 2024.

This report tells you how we are performing against key performance indicators and provides an update on key projects we're working on.

We will also be producing an annual review of the 3 year strategy and progress against our five Ambitions.

The latest version of this review was published in January 2024, see Annual Report 2023

This will replace previously published reporting documents.

Quarterly performance reviews

Annual performance reviews

See our Annual Report 2023

This report is an annual review of our 3 year strategy and progress against our five Ambitions. 

Previous reviews 

The Community Priorities Delivery report for 2022 provides information about the performance of South Tyneside Council against the 5 community priorities, and highlights some of our achievements to date.

This new style report replaced the previous Annual Report for 2021 / 22. 

Previous Annual Reports

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Local Government Association (LGA) Corporate Peer Challenge

In 2022 the LGA also undertook a review of the Council's vision and governance.

For more information, see Local Government Association Corporate Peer Challenge