The South Tyneside Vision, Ambitions and Strategy


  1. Our Vision
  2. Our Ambitions
  3. The South Tyneside Council Strategy

Our Vision

We have listened to our communities and reviewed the evidence.

This has told us what we need to focus on to make the biggest difference to the lives of our residents.

Our 20-year Vision is:

Our South Tyneside - A place where people live healthy, happy, and fulfilled lives.

Our Ambitions

We have five 'Ambitions' that we want to achieve over the next 20 years to help deliver our Vision.

These five Ambitions will guide everything we do.

We want all people in South Tyneside to be:

  1. Financially secure - Residents will be financially secure. They will have what they need for a good standard of living.
  2. Healthy and well - Residents will enjoy good mental wellbeing and physical health throughout their lives. They will have the best start in life and be able to live and age well.
  3. Connected to jobs - Residents will have access to good quality jobs, skills, and learning. They will have the skills and confidence to apply for a wide range of quality local jobs. These jobs will be in key and growing areas of employment and will benefit all of our borough.
  4. Part of strong communities - Residents will live in clean, green, and connected communities where they feel safe.

    And we are committed to:
  5. Targeting support to make things fairer - We will target support at the residents and parts of our borough that need it the most, reducing inequalities and making things fairer.

The South Tyneside Council Strategy 

The Council Strategy sets out the actions we will be taking over the next three years to help us achieve our 20 Year Vision.

For each of the five 'Ambitions' we have identified some clear Priorities and a detailed Action Plan to guide delivery over the next three years.

These are set out in detail in the Our South Tyneside: The South Tyneside Vision 2023 - 2043 and Council Strategy 2023 - 2026.