Freedom of information

How long it takes to process a Freedom of Information request

We have a legal duty to respond to all information requests within 20 working days and to confirm or deny whether the information is held.

Delayed responses beyond our control may incur for the following reasons:

  • You have not supplied accurate data. If more information is requested the 20 day period will be suspended and will not recommence until the correct information is provided.
  • A fee is required in advance before the information is supplied. Customers have up to three moths to pay the fee required before the request is redeemed and refused.
  • Where the time allowed includes the time taken to consider any applicable exemptions and whether disclosure is in the interest of the public domain.

The Act does not specifically limit the number of requests that you can make but the authority does have the right to refuse vexatious or repeated requests within a 12 month period.