Freedom of information

Making a Freedom of Information request

Anyone can make a freedom of information request regardless of their age, nationality or location.

To submit a Freedom of Information request please email

Please clearly state: 

  • your contact details 
  • a full description of the documents you require

If your request is too broad we will have to seek further clarification, which will only increase the time it takes to process your request. Be precise as to the format you wish to receive the information in e.g. spread sheet, table, CD etc.

How many requests you can make

The Act does not specifically limit the number of requests that you can make but the Council does have the right to refuse vexatious or repeated requests within a 12 month period.

If the information requested is held

An acknowledgement letter will be sent advising you accordingly if the information is held.

If another public body holds the information we have a duty to immediately transfer the request to the appropriate public body and to advise you accordingly.