Civil penalties (landlords)

Final notice and appeals

If the Council decides to issue the civil penalty, it must serve a final notice containing:

  • the amount of the fine
  • reasons for issuing the fine
  • information on how to pay the fine
  • the period in which to pay the fine (28 days from when the notice is served)
  • information on how to appeal
  • what happens if you fail to comply with the notice.

The Council can withdraw or change a final notice at any time. 

We will write to you to inform you of any changes.

Appealing a final notice

If you are served a final notice, you can appeal to the First Tier Tribunal within 28 days from the date the final notice was served. 

The appeal can be made against:

  • the Council's decision to impose a fine, and / or
  • the amount of the fine. 

The First Tier Tribunal can:

  • confirm the fine
  • increase or reduce the level of the fine, or
  • cancel the fine.

The final notice is suspended until the appeal is decided. 

For more information on appeals, see Housing Act 2004 (Schedule 13A).