Civil penalties (landlords)

Notice of intent and appeals

Before imposing a civil penalty, the Council must serve a notice of intent.

The notice of intent must be served:

  • no later than 6 months after the Council has sufficient evidence, or
  • at any time when the offending conduct is continuing. 

The notice must set out:

  • the amount of the fine
  • the reason for imposing the fine
  • information on the right to appeal

Appealing a notice of intent

If you are served a notice of intent, you can appeal within 28 days from the date the notice was served. 

The Council must decide whether to:

  • confirm the notice
  • increase or reduce the fine, or
  • withdraw the notice.

The Council can withdraw or change a notice of intent at any time. 

We will write to you to inform you of any changes.