Civil penalties (landlords)

How decisions are made

Cases will be decided on an individual basis, depending on the circumstances of each case.

When deciding whether to prosecute or issue a civil penalty, and how much the fine should be, the Council will look at the following guidance:

Statutory guidance

See GOV.UK: Civil penalties under the Housing and Planning Act 2016

The Council will consider:

  • the severity of the offence
  • the culpability and track record of the offender
  • harm caused to the tenant
  • punishment of the offender
  • how to deter the offender from repeating the offence
  • how to deter others from committing similar offences
  • how to remove any financial benefit the offender may have as a result of committing the offence.

The Council's civil penalties enforcement policy

See the civil penalties enforcement policy

The policy has guiding principles so decisions are consistent, transparent, and fair.