June 2022

Read the June 2022 issue below.

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A Better U

June 2022

Shine as a better u...

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Age Friendly Communities

June 2022

Get the latest news on our Age Friendly journey with the Centre for Ageing Better.

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Carer's Week

June 2022

Find out about the annual campaign to raise awareness of caring.

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Delirium Liaison Pathway

June 2022

We're talking about what the South Tyneside Psychiatric Liaison Team (ST PLT) are doing to support Delirium Liaison Pathway (DLP).

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Diabetes Prevention Week (13 to 19 June)

June 2022

Find out if you are at high risk of Type 2 diabetes and other factors associated with an increased risk. 

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Eat well for you and the planet

June 2022

We're talking about the connection between our health and the health of our planet, in the context of food.

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Healthy Start Digital Scheme

June 2022

Find out if you're eligible for the Healthy Start scheme.

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Social Determinants of Health

June 2022

Debt is the focus of our social determinants article in this edition.

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Summer Health Advice

June 2022

If hot weather hits this summer, make sure it does not harm you or your loved ones by following these top tips.

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June 2022

Read about the campaign launching to raise awareness of the dangers of drinking alcohol during pregnancy. 

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Vaccination Buses and Drop in Clinics

June 2022

It's not too late to protect yourself from COVID-19.

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