Public Health news: Delirium Liaison Pathway

June 2022

Delirium Liaison Pathway

Delirium is a sudden change is someone's mental state which often has a treatable physical cause. People with delirium might appear confused, distressed and experience hallucinations.

The South Tyneside Psychiatric Liaison Team (ST PLT) provide an innovative Delirium Liaison Pathway (DLP) which offers person centred care for South Tyneside patients with delirium admitted to hospital, in patient's own homes and care placements.

The pathway has been described as a "much needed and invaluable" service by patients, carers and other professionals.

The Delirium Liaison Pathway (DLP) accept community referrals directly from South Tyneside GPs who have recently reviewed the patient.

If you are worried that you or someone you know has a delirium then please contact your GP who can consider a referral to our service.

The referral criteria includes any South Tyneside resident who is experiencing a delirium and has an undiagnosed cognitive impairment and/or mental health disorder that requires assessment and treatment.

We also support people with complex and/or recurring delirium that is having a detrimental impact on their health and wellbeing.

We aim to prevent unnecessary hospital admissions, as well assisting discharge from hospital back into the community.

The DLP team require a patient's demographics, next of kin contact details, results of recent investigations to clarify the source of delirium (for example: bloods, urinalysis and/or consideration of CT head) and their subsequent treatment plan in order to accept a referral.

If you would like more information about DLP, please contact the team via the hospital switchboard on 0191 404 1000 (extension 4112 or ask for psychiatric liaison team).

We are more than happy to attend any team meetings, deliver information sessions or send further written information.