Public Health news: A Better U

June 2022

A Better U

A Better U is a FREE 12week lifestyle programme for adults and families in South Tyneside who are looking to lose weight, get fitter and lead a more active life. When you sign-up you will attend weekly lifestyle education sessions that will support you to make positive changes that will become lifelong habits.

There are dedicated sessions available for adults, families, women only, ethnic minority communities and carers. Carers are welcome to bring along the person they care if they wish. There is also a session that has a mental health focus.

One of the previous attendees lost 1.33kg and said "I didn't lose as much weight as I expected, but I really benefited from everything I learned. I'm more aware of what I'm eating and why and I've been able to make changes to my activity level despite my physical ailments. I thoroughly recommend the programme to anyone who wants some help to get fitter and healthier."

To find out more visit First Contact Clinical - Lifestyle Programme.

If you would like to make small, positive changes to yours and your family's lifestyle, and/or want help you to manage a long-term health condition, then Blissability's self-care course may help.

They can work with you to help you to manage stress & anxiety, be more aware of good nutrition and tailor physical activity advice to suit your lifestyle and interests. You can be seen face-to-face or 'on-line', individually or as a group.

The 'Weigh to Go' service offers an accessible weighing platform that enables you to be weighed independently. The platform scale enables people who are unable to use traditional scales, for example wheelchair users or people with mobility issues, to be weighed sitting or standing, independently and confidentially, without the use of a hoist, or carers present. You can have a print-out that informs you of your weight at each visit.

To find out more contact the office on 0191 427 1666 or email