How to report a repair for your rented property

Report a repair to your landlord

If there is an issue with your home that needs repairing, you need to report the problem to your landlord first and ask for the work to be carried out. 

Make sure you report the problem in writing to your landlord and keep copies of all your communications. It is not enough to only report the issues verbally.

There is advice about how to report a repair to your landlord at Shelter England: How to report repairs to a private landlord or agent.

Your landlord is responsible for repairs to your property from the point they are made aware of the problem, so you need to make sure you report your complaint to your landlord as soon as possible.

Writing to your landlord is important, as in some circumstances, this may protect you from eviction for up to 6 months.

For information on revenge or retaliatory eviction, see if you're afraid to make a complaint (revenge eviction).  Please read this information before making a complaint, so that you are aware of what protection from eviction you have.

It is important that your landlord is aware of your concerns and has had a reasonable amount of time to respond.  

For more information on what your landlord is responsible for, see What a landlord is responsible for