How to report a repair for your rented property

If you're afraid to make a complaint (revenge eviction)

If you think there is disrepair in your rented property but are afraid to report it because you think your landlord will ask you to leave the property, there are some laws to protect you from this.

Landlords who ask tenants to leave their property because they have reported disrepair to them may be guilty of 'retaliatory eviction'.

Landlords and agents must follow a proper legal eviction process if they want to take back possession of their property. For more information, see Shelter England: Revenge eviction if you ask for repairs.

The law around this applies to all assured shorthold tenancies that started after 1st October 2015. Please see Shelter tenancy checker online tool if you are unsure about what type of tenancy you have, see Shelter England: Tenancy Rights Checker.