Paying for non-residential care


You might have to pay for some or all your care costs, or you might not have to pay anything.

This depends on your income, savings and investments. 

The Council follows regulations set out by central government when deciding what people can afford to pay toward the cost of their care, and how much financial help they can get.

When deciding how much you will need to pay, the Council must follow the laws set out in:

What 'non-residential care' is

'Non-residential' care and support means a range of social care services, including:

  • help or care in your home
  • rehabilitation
  • assistive technology (community alarms)
  • support to access the community
  • going to a day centre
  • respite care (not in a residential care home)

These services are to help you improve your wellbeing and live independently.

They may be provided by the Council directly, or we may arrange them from another provider.