How to vote

By post

If you have applied to vote by post, you will get a postal poll card about five weeks before an election. You will then get your postal voting pack about two weeks before election day.

Return your application form to the Elections Office by either:

  • Post: Elections Office, South Tyneside Council, Town Hall, Westoe Road, South Shields, NE33 2RL
  • Email a scanned copy to:
  1. When you get your postal vote, remove the contents from the outer envelope. The envelope will contain:
    • a postal voting statement with your ballot paper(s) attached
    • a ballot paper envelope marked A
    • a return envelope marked B
  2. Detach the ballot paper(s) from the postal voting statement
  3. On the postal voting statement, fill in your date of birth and signature (this is to prevent fraud - you have already given these when you completed your postal application form)
  4. Read the instructions on the top of the ballot paper(s) and mark a cross against the candidate or candidates you wish to vote for (with a pen or pencil)
  5. Put the ballot paper(s) into envelope A, with the number printed on the back of the ballot paper(s) showing through the window
  6. Seal the ballot paper envelope A and put it and the postal voting statement into the return envelope B, with the return address showing through the window

Post your postal voting pack as soon as possible to make sure it is received before election day.

If you forget to post your postal voting pack, you can hand it in at any polling station in South Tyneside on election day. 

To find a priority post box, visit Royal Mail: Services near you.

Voting by post

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