About public rights of way

Report a problem

If you find a problem on a public right of way, you should contact the Council or use the e-services form.

We carry out annual inspections of all public rights of way in the Borough to ensure that the public rights of way are kept in good condition.

Report a problem with a path / public right of way

Obstructions and encroachments

The Council have a duty to remove all obstructions and encroachments to public rights of way. (The Highways Act 1980 section 130)

We also have a common law right to remove anything that it believes constitutes an obstruction, danger or encroachment without consultation with any other party. We deal with obstructions firstly by consultation and dialogue, requesting the offender to remove the obstruction. Depending on circumstances, offenders are normally given up to four weeks to comply. This informal notice will be confirmed in writing. If after that period, the offender has failed to comply, formal legal notice is served requiring the offender to remove the obstruction within a specified time. When that time expires, we will remove the obstruction and recover costs from the offender.

We would consider prosecution for obstruction for any subsequent offence, as well as taking the direct action outlined above. (The Highways Act 1980 section 143)