About public rights of way


Within the borough, there are approximately 100km (62 miles) of public rights of way, together with many other paths that are open to the public.

The Public Rights of Way Officer is responsible for:

  • Ensuring that all public rights of way are accurately signed, well maintained and correctly defined legally
  • Maintaining and updating all legal records relating to public rights of way
  • Developing and promoting recreational access opportunities within South Tyneside and beyond

In addition to the public rights of way, a network of other routes, which links places of interests to population centres, has been created and is continually being improved. Examples include the Linnet Way, which links the River Don to the coast at Marsden, the Miller's Trail and Bede's Way.

Public rights of way are highways and provide rights to the public to pass and repass. They have different rights according to their status.