Report fly tipping

How to report fly-tipping

Before you take action, make sure it's safe. Some waste can be dangerous.

Do not open black bags or drums. Piles of soil can be contaminated or hiding dangerous material.

Fly-tippers are doing something illegal. They are unlikely to welcome people observing them, taking notes or photographs.

How to report fly-tipping in South Tyneside

You can report fly-tipping in South Tyneside:

Report fly-tipping online

  • Phone - 0191 427 7000
  • Text - 07786200802

Helpful information to report

When reporting fly-tipping, you should include:

  • if you just discovered the waste or if you actually saw it being fly-tipped
  • the day, date and time that you discovered the waste or saw it being fly-tipped
  • the location (e.g. the place, landmark, street, town or grid reference)
  • a description of the waste e.g. bag, drum, fridge, tyres, building waste
  • if there's any evidence of pollution resulting from the waste, and if it is loose or needs containing
  • the amount of waste e.g. number of bags, a van load, multiple loads

If you saw the waste being fly-tipped

If you saw the waste being fly-tipped, it's useful to include the below information:

  • who was with you
  • who you saw, how many people you saw fly-tipping and what they looked like
  • if you recognised any of the people you saw
  • a description of them e.g sex, hair colour, distinguishing features
  • what the people you saw actually did

If there was a vehicle involved

If there was a vehicle involved, please report:

  • what the vehicle looked like
  • the make, model and and colour
  • the registration plate number
  • if there was any distinguishing features or signs on the vehicle

Where you were when the fly-tipping took place 

When reporting fly-tipping, think about:

  • the view you had of the fly-tipping
  • how far away you were
  • what the weather was like
  • if it was light or dark

Other information

Please include any other relevant details, for example details of phone calls made on site reporting the incident or whether you took photographs / video.