December 2022

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a better u

December 2022

Shine as a better u...

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Admiral Nurses

December 2022

A new NHS Admiral Nurse service in South Tyneside has been warmly welcomed by families affected by dementia. 

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Age Friendly Communities

December 2022

Get the latest news on our Age Friendly journey with the Centre for Ageing Better.

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Health Literacy

December 2022

We're talking about the understanding of everyday health information and the problems arising from low health literacy.

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HIV Pre Exposure Prophylaxis

December 2022

Find out about the services available and how to access them.

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Safe Sleeping

December 2022

Things we can do, and things to avoid, to help reduce the risks of cot death.

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Social Determinants of Health

December 2022

We're talking about the Love Food Hate Waste Campaign.

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The Pledge

December 2022

Find out about the aims and practical steps we are taking, as part of The Pledge, to support South Tyneside. 

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Winter Health

December 2022

Top tips, advice and support to protect yourself from COVID-19 and keep healthy this winter.

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