Public Health news: Social Determinants of Health

December 2022

Social Determinants of Health

The conditions in which we are born, live, work and age affect our health and wellbeing. These factors are often known as the social determinants of health. Many experts agree that they are more important than health care services in keeping us healthy.

In this edition, we're talking about the Love Food Hate Waste Campaign.

This national campaign encourages us all to work together to make a big difference. By trying a few simple things as part of a weekly routine, you can make a difference to your pocket and the planet.

  • Think before you shop
    • what do you need?
    • what is already in the fridge?
    • who is in and who is out?
  • Stay in control of the shop
    • use a list and have a budget
    • use hand-held scanners to keep track of what you're buying
  • Find out where to best store your food to make it last as long as possible
  • Check your fridge is set at the right the temperature to preserve your food.

This advice fits really well with the objectives of the local sustainable food action plan - making healthy food more affordable, sustainable and accessible.

As well as protecting your pocket and the planet - there are other benefits to reducing food waste.

In South Tyneside we produce a lot of waste in our bins.

We don't always recycle everything that we could and sometimes we try to recycle things that we shouldn't. 

To find out more about what goes in your normal bin and what can be recycled visit South Tyneside Council - Blue Bins 

There are some great recipes to help us love our food and reduce our waste. There are so many benefits to be had, go on try them out. They sound delicious!