If your landlord wants possession of the property (eviction)

If you have recently been given a Section 21 Notice (a Notice of Intended Possession) then you should check that your landlord has done things properly. You can find more information about Section 21 Notices at Shelter England: Section 21 eviction.

If you think your landlord is not doing things properly then then please ring South Tyneside Council Contact Centre (0191 427 7000) who will take your details and contact details for your landlord.

A Council officer will then contact your landlord to explain the rules they must follow and if you do not want to leave the property we will try and find a way for you to remain there.

If you think your notice of intended possession (Section 21) has been served because you have complained about disrepair at your property, then this may be a retaliatory eviction. For more information, see If you're afraid to make a complaint (revenge eviction).