Swimming lesson stages


  1. Adult and Child classes (6 months to 36 months)
  2. Preschool classes (3 years to 4/5 years old)
  3. Stage 1 (Non swimmer)
  4. Stage 2
  5. Stage 3
  6. Stage 4
  7. Stage 5
  8. Stage 6
  9. Stage 7
  10. Stages 8 to 10 Awards
  11. Aqua Challenge Awards
  12. Adult lessons
  13. Swimming pools

Adult and Child classes (6 months - 36months)

Our Adult and Child classes are aimed at promoting water confidence.

The lessons help both you as the supporting adult and your child to enjoy swimming in safety and with confidence.

Preschool classes (3 years to 4/5 years old)

Preschool classes are aimed at children aged 3 years to 4 years, (or for those children that are not in full time education).

This stage will help children with being independent and confidence in the water.

Stage 1 (Non swimmer)

This stage is for children that have no swimming experience.

This stage will introduce water safety skills, build confidence to gain and the basic skills needed to build swimming ability.

Stage 2

This stage further develops water confidence and introduces various safety skills.

Swimmers will develop their kicking ability leading to independent travel in the water. 

Stage 3

Swimmers will develop safe entries into the water, including submersion, and travel up to 10 metres on their front and back.

Water safety knowledge and rotation skills will also be progressed.

Stage 4

Swimmers will perfect their leg kicks for all four strokes, they will be introduced to sculling and develop an understanding of buoyancy through a range of skills and should swim 10 metres.

Stage 5

Swimmers will develop their skills in treading water, progress in the correct arm pulls for all four strokes and learn how to do handstands and somersaults.

The emphasis is on making sure all work done in the previous stages is developed further.

Stage 6

Swimmers will develop an efficient technique for all four strokes and further developing surface dives. Swimmers will work on all the other strokes, including streamlining, coordination, breathing, improving their technique with both their arms and their legs.

Stage 7

This stage will focus on fully developing all four swimming strokes, as well as building stamina and improving diving skills.

Stages 8 to 10 Awards

The Learn to Swim Stages 8-10 Awards make up the Aquatic Skills Framework of the Learn to Swim Programme. They continue the swimmer's journey past Learn to Swim Stage 7 of the Learn to Swim Framework.

Swimmers are encouraged to take part in different aquatic disciplines that develop their fundamental sports skills. 

Aqua Challenge Awards

Swim England Swimming Challenge Awards are for young people working towards the latter stages of Learn to Swim Stages 1 - 7 or Learn to Swim Stages 8 - 10 of the Aquatic Skills Framework, with Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Honours Awards available.

Your children will be challenged to develop a wide range of skills and stamina in order to achieve the Awards, with a focus on good stroke style.

Adult Lessons

Our adult lessons are available for customers aged over 16 years old. We have something to suit all abilities from building your confidence as a complete beginner to developing your skills as an advanced swimmer.

Beginners: whether you're a first-time swimmer or have a phobia of water we can cater to your individual needs and goals.

Improver: progressing on from the basic techniques to work on more technical aspects of the stroke including breathing and timing.

Swimming pools

There are swimming pools available at 3 of our leisure facilities:

Please see individual pools for timetables.