Fitness classes

Cancelling a booking

If you cannot attend a session, please cancel your booking as soon as possible so others can take part. Many of our classes are in high demand so please cancel when your circumstances change so others do not miss out unnecessarily.

If you have an online account, you can cancel a session by logging into STC leisure online services or through the STC leisure app.

If you do not have an online account, have issues with the app or the STC leisure online services website, a staff member can make the cancellation on your behalf. Please speak to a member of staff on site or by telephone.

If you cancel a booking within 3 hours of the session starting, a 'late cancellation' default mark will be added to your account. See default marks on your account.

Default marks on your account

You will get a 'default mark' on your account if:

  • You fail to attend a session
  • You cancel your place on a session within 3 hours of the session start time

Please note: We reserve the right to place restrictions on accounts and our terms and conditions state that three or more defaults in a calendar month will result in the withdrawal of your advance booking rights. You will be placed on a "suspension list" for 14 days and will only be able to attend a class or activity should there be spaces available on the day.

We understand our new system is a big change for our members. Therefore, we plan to put a "ten strike" system in initially to allow everyone to get used to the new procedures and understand the implications.

We still urge people to cancel in plenty time where possible, however we will allow an initial ten defaults before an automatic booking ban is implemented.

We intend to reduce this over time as people become more familiar with the new systems.