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  1. Housing payments
  2. Bins and waste payments
  3. Parking and streets
  4. School attendance - Fixed Penalty Notice payments
  5. Social care payments
  6. Sports and leisure payments
  7. Licensing payments
  8. Pay a Council invoice
  9. Other payments
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Housing payments

Council Tax payment

Housing rent payment

Housing benefit repayment

Leasehold management payment

Grounds rent payment

Housing repairs payment

Home insurance payment

Mortgage payment

Bins and waste payments

Green waste collections

Request a new bin

Trade waste payment

Waste baling payment

Parking and streets

Parking fine or penalty charge notice (PCN) payment

Charge certificate payment

Parking permits

Damage to street furniture

Road maintenance payment

MOT / car repairs payment

School attendance - Fixed Penalty Notice payments

School attendance - Fixed Penalty Notice

Social care payments

Home care payment

Telecare and community alarm payment

Day care payment

Residential care payment

Security alarm payment

Sports and leisure payments

Allotment payment

Premises hire payment

Premises rent payment

Pitch fees payment

Club helper payment

Caravan site fees payment

Licensing payment

Taxi driver's licence (Hackney Carriage)

Private hire driver's licence

Private hire vehicle licence

Private hire operator's licence

Scaffolding licence

Pay a Council invoice

The types of Council invoices you can get include:

  • Allotments
  • Amusement Park rent
  • Assistive technology
  • Building inspection fees
  • Business Centre rents and service charges (Quadrus, One Trinity Green, Jarrow and South Shields Business centres)
  • Commercial rent (shops / industrial units)
  • Fixed Penalty Notices relating to school attendance
  • Friends and family cleaning
  • Ground rent for land / garage sites (non-RTB properties)
  • Highways maintenance costs (for example, dropped kerbs)
  • Home care and accommodation charges
  • Insurance premiums (industrial units)
  • Leisure premises hire (football pitches, swimming pools for clubs, room hire, leisure centres)
  • Overpayment of salary
  • Rechargeable repairs / garden clearances
  • Trade waste and recycling

Council invoices are 8 digits and are on the invoice or reminder.

Council invoice payment

Other payments

Pest control

Business rates (N.N.D.R) payment

Building inspection fees payment

Mayor's Charity donation

Salary repayment

Printing payment

PSPO - Fixed Penalty Notice payment

If you still haven't found what you're looking for

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