Moving schools (in-year transfers)


This information is for parents of children who need to move or start a new school outside of the usual times. This includes:

  • if your child needs to move after the school year has started (the school year starts in September)
  • if your child needs to move when they are part-way through primary or secondary (children usually start a new school in reception, year 3 and year 7)

These are known as in-year admissions.

This may be because:

  • you have moved into South Tyneside
  • you already live in South Tyneside but wish to change your child's school

South Tyneside Council organises in-year admissions for all schools in South Tyneside.

Fair Access Protocol

Our Fair Access Protocol is in place to make sure that children who haven't been able to get a school place through the usual process, especially the most vulnerable children, are offered a place at a suitable school as soon as possible.

Fair Access Protocol