Stop Smoking Services to be Focus of Meeting

Posted by: Press team on 13 January 2020 12:02

The Council's approach to helping the people of South Tyneside to stop smoking will be discussed at a meeting this week.

Members of the People Select Committee will be told how the council plans to effectively target people most at risk and those who find it harder to quit.

Councillors will also hear about the role electronic cigarettes play as an effective method to stop smoking, particularly when combined with expert help from a local stop smoking service. People can still access local stop smoking services for behavioural support if they wish to use an electronic cigarette on its own, or in combination with other stop smoking therapies during their quit attempt.

Chair of the Committee, Councillor John McCabe, said: "Smoking remains the biggest avoidable killer in South Tyneside, equating to more than 1,000 deaths in over 35s between 2016 and 2018. This is more than deaths from alcohol, accidents, suicide, illegal drugs and diabetes combined.

"Around half of all smokers try to quit unaided using willpower alone. However, people who combine stop smoking aids with expert support from local stop smoking services are three times more likely to successfully quit. Nevertheless, despite a national decline in numbers accessing stop smoking services, South Tyneside is still in the top 20 nationally for quit dates set and successful quitters.

"The council plays an important role in helping to raise awareness of stop smoking services and to promote the support available across the Borough."

Members will also be presented with information about the council's plans to tackle poverty across South Tyneside.

The meeting will be held on Tuesday 14 January at 10am in the Council Chamber, South Shields Town Hall. Members of the public and press are both welcome.

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