Selling to the Council and South Tyneside Homes: The tendering and quotation process


  1. Overview
  2. Tender documents
  3. Evaluation and contract award


Quotations can be used for simple purchases under £100,000 in value.

Tenders are used for more complex procurements or values over £100,000.

We use either an open or restricted procedure, and will run the process through the ProActis Due-North portal:

  • An open procedure: Any interested organisation can tender for the contract opportunity
  • A restricted procedure: An organisation must meet the pre-qualification criteria to be invited to tender

Tender documents

The tender documents will usually have some or all the following:

  • Instructions to tenderers
    Sets out the background to the project, the Council's objectives including timescales, details of what is expected to be submitted in response to scored criteria, and how the evaluation process takes place.
  • Form of tender
    The formal offer in line with the terms and conditions of tender.
  • Specification
    Sets out what needs to be achieved including policies, procedures or guidance to be followed.
  • Schedule of rates / pricing document
    The document where prices are usually entered.
  • Terms and conditions of contract
    Details the conditions that apply to the contract. By submitting a tender, the tenderer is expected to accept them.
  • Return details
    States the time and date the tender must be returned.

Late tenders or tenders not submitted in line with process, will not normally be considered.

Evaluation and contract award

Tenders are evaluated using the method described in the instructions to tenderers document.

For most tenders, the award is based on an agreed split of price and quality criteria (most economically advantageous tender).

If your tender is successful or unsuccessful, you will be told in writing.

For tenders over the value of the public procurement threshold, at least 10 days must be left between letting tenderers know about the decision and confirming the contract.

We will provide written feedback to unsuccessful tenderers.

We don't offer verbal or face to face debrief meetings.