Overlapping payments on two homes (Housing Benefit)


  1. Overview
  2. When payments on two homes can be made
  3. When you can claim overlapping benefit
  4. How to apply
  5. Contact the Benefits team


Housing Benefit is normally only paid on one home - the one at which you live. This is because most people should be able to plan a move in advance.

In a few exceptional cases benefit may be paid on two homes.

When payments on two homes can be made


A person has moved into their new house and they could not reasonably have avoided liability in respect of both of them.

In such cases the authority may be able to treat the claimant as occupying both properties as a home for up to a maximum period of four benefit weeks and therefore may be entitled to benefit on both of them.

For more information visit Shelter - Housing benefit for two homes

When you can claim overlapping benefit

To claim overlapping benefit you must have moved into your new property.

Overlapping benefit will be paid at your old address.

How to apply

To apply for overlapping benefit you must contact us giving your reasons why you need overlapping benefit and provide proof of the date your rent has been charged up to at your old home.

Contact the Benefits team 

Email: benefits@southtyneside.gov.uk

Call: 0191 424 4333