Selling to the Council

Responsible Procurement

Responsible procurement is an important part of the Council's procurement process. 

We have a responsibility to help suppliers procure value for money goods, services and works.

We do this while:

  • maximising social value
  • minimising environmental impacts
  • making sure people are treated ethically throughout its supply chains

Social value

The government requires Councils to consider social value in their procurement activities.

Social value is:

  • improving the health and wellbeing of local people and the local environment
  • providing skills and employment opportunities
  • promoting the local economy

We use the Social Value Portal Themes, Outcomes and Measures (TOMS) in our procurement processes.

This supports our local priorities.

For more information, see Social Value Portal.

What social value development involves

Social value development involves:

  • effective protection of the environment
  • careful use of natural resources
  • social progress which recognises the needs of everyone
  • maintenance of high and stable levels of economic growth and employment

Help to improve your environmental performance

Listed below are a number of programmes which may be able to help you improve your environmental performance:

Climate change strategy and action plan

See climate change strategy and action plan.

Carbon Trust

An independent company funded by the government.

They help businesses and the public sector reduce carbon emissions.

Phone: 020 7170 7000
Web: Carbon Trust