Building control fees and charges

See what fees and charges you can expect for new builds, extensions, alterations etc.


  1. Building regulation charges
  2. Charges you will pay
  3. Other charges

Building regulation charges

For the building regulation charges for any future project, see:

For more information, contact building control.

Charges you will pay

You can pay these charges by card:

  • Over the phone by calling 0191 424 7436
  • At the South Shields Town Hall reception desk

Other charges

Other charges apply for additional services and documentation, such as extra copies of decision notices and completion certificates.

  • Scaffold and hoarding licences: £75
  • Decision notice / copy completion certificates: £8 inlcuding VAT
  • General photocopying: 13p per sheet (up to £5 maximum)
  • Copy plans black and white (A0): £5.92
  • Copy plans black and white (A1): £4.15
  • Copy plans black and white (A2): £1.65
  • Personal land searches / property enquiries: £57 including VAT per hour for structured search for information
  • Safety at sports ground - renewal of safety certificate: £350
  • Safety at sports ground - transfer: £67
  • Demolition notice: £130
  • Hourly rate to support Building Safety Regulator Multi-Disciplinary Team: £63.27