Registration information for food premises


  1. Overview
  2. Food business establishments
  3. Register your vehicles
  4. How to apply
  5. Processing your application
  6. Tacit consent
  7. Queries about your registration
  8. Complaints


If you operate a food business in South Tyneside (including market stalls, delivery vehicles and other moveable structures) you must be registered with South Tyneside Council by law.

This allows the Council to keep an up-to-date list of all food premises in the area so we can visit them when we need to.

The amount of visits will depend on the type of business it is.

Anyone starting a new food business must register with the Council at least 28 days before opening.

Food business establishments

If you operate a food business, whether for profit or not, you must tell the Council about each one of your establishments that is involved in any production, processing or distribution of food.

Depending on where the establishments are, you may need to notify more than one local Council.

Food business establishments include:

  • restaurants
  • hotels
  • cafés
  • shops
  • supermarkets
  • staff canteens
  • kitchens in offices
  • warehouses
  • guest houses
  • delivery vehicles
  • buffet cars on trains
  • market and other stalls
  • hot dog and ice cream vans etc

Register your vehicles

If you use vehicles for your food business in connection with permanent premises, such as a shop or warehouse, you only need to register the fixed premises.

You must also tell the Council how many vehicles you have.

You do not need to register each vehicle separately. 

If you have one or more vehicles but no permanent premises, you must tell the Council where they are normally kept.

You do not need to register if:

  • you produce or prepare food for private domestic consumption only
  • you are a primary producer, for example, you grow fruit or vegetables
  • you operate a "product-specific" food business establishment which requires approval under Regulation 853/2004.

If you're unsure whether your business needs to be approved or registered, please contact Environmental Health on 0191 427 7000.

How to apply

How to complete the application form:

  1. Download the form. 
  2. Fill in the application form on your computer.
  3. Once you have completed the form, save it for your record and send it as an email attachment to

    Register a food business

    Change your registration

    Help opening the documents

    If you are having issues opening the documents, make sure you are opening the document with Adobe Reader. To do this:

    • find the download file and right click on it
    • a prompt will appear suggesting you open the file using Adobe Reader
    • tick and select this option

    Please note: by submitting your application to the above email you have confirmed that you have read and understood the privacy notice

    How long it will take to process your application

    If you have supplied the information requested and your registration is accepted, your details will be added to the food premises within the next 7-10 days if all the information required is present and correct. 

    You will be notified in writing or email once your registration application has been processed. 

    We will not contact you to arrange a visit unless:

    • you specifically wish to submit a request for a paid advisory visit
    • you are trading from a domestic establishment

    Advisory visits can be arranged by contacting the Food Team on 0191 427 7000. 

    Once the food business is open to trade an unannounced food hygiene inspection will follow. 

    If in the meantime you wish to seek further advice on any food safety related matter to contact a member of the Food Team on 0191 427 7000 .

    Tacit consent

    Tacit consent is where an application is treated as accepted if a reply is not recieved within a certain timeframe.

    Tacit consent will apply.

    As long as you have provided all the information requested, your details will be added to the food premises register. 

    Queries about your registration

    For any queries about your registration, please contact Environmental Health on 0191 427 7000.

    For more information about starting a food business see Food Standards Agency: Starting a food business.

    If you have a complaint

    If you have a complaint about an unregistered food business trading in the Borough please contact the Food Team on 0191 427 7000.