Stray dogs

What to do if you have lost your dog

Any dog that is unsupervised in a public place may be collected by the Council's Animal Welfare Officer.

If your dog has a tag with contact details, or is microchipped, then the Animal Welfare Officer will try to contact you. If the dog can't be taken straight home it will be taken to West Hall Kennels.

We recognise that losing your dog can be a traumatic experience. If you have lost your dog, call West Hall Kennels on 0191 529 2369 to see if your dog has been taken there. They can be contacted between 9am - 6pm, Monday - Saturday and between 9am - 12noon on Sundays.

If your dog cannot be found at West Hall Kennels, please contact other kennel providers in the area, as a member of the public may have taken your dog directly to an alternative local kennel provider.

If your dog has been taken to West Hall Kennels you will be able to collect it and you will have to pay a release fee. The amount of the release fee will vary depending on how much time time your dog has been at the kennels. 

How to prevent your dog from straying

Be a responsible dog owner.

Dogs should always be walked and exercised with a responsible person present. Never allow your dog to wander, roam or exercise on its own.