Stories from local apprentices


  1. Georgia - Business Administration Apprentice, Zenith People
  2. Megan, Electrical Apprentice, South Tyneside Homes
  3. Johnny, Finance Assistant, South Tyneside Council
  4. Ellie, Design and Print Business Administrator Apprentice, South Tyneside Council
  5. Joseph - Plumbing and Gas Fitting Apprentice, South Tyneside Homes

Georgia - Business Administration Apprentice, Zenith People

Georgia Callander, from South Shields, recently completed her Level 2 Apprenticeship in Business Administration with South Tyneside based recruitment and training company, Zenith People.

"I chose a Business Administration apprenticeship because I was interested in that area of work and Zenith was able to give me opportunities in various departments which I was then able to consider and progress with upon completion."

Prior to her apprenticeship with Zenith, the 21 year old was working towards becoming a hairdresser.

"Changing career, I wanted to gain all the knowledge that I could about the industry so that I had all the underpinning knowledge I needed to make me successful in my role.

"My apprenticeship experience was a very positive one, it's helped me gain the knowledge that I require for my job role as well as completing a qualification whilst being payed. All my colleagues were very supportive through my apprenticeship and each took me through their day to day role so I was more equipped with what I wanted to do upon completion of my qualification. Undertaking an apprenticeship was the first choice for me as opposed to University as I'm getting hands on work experience and qualifications without the course costs!"

My apprenticeship was invaluable to me and I wouldn't be where I am and achieved what I have without making that choice, I am a huge advocate in the apprenticeship pathway for that reason.

Since completing her apprenticeship, Georgia has gone on to secure a permanent position with Zenith at their South Shields office as a Candidate Engagement Consultant and is continuing her learning with a level 2 Information, Advice and Guidance qualification.

"For anyone considering an apprenticeship my best advice would be to research employers that you are keen to undertake an apprenticeship with to make sure they're the right one for you. I would also research employer's recruitment processes so you are fully equipped to tackle it. As well as this keep your options open, research all apprenticeships that you are keen to progress with as the variety out there is so vast you may be only focusing on such a small part of it."

Megan, Electrical Apprentice, South Tyneside Homes

Megan Archbold, from South Shields, knew gaining hands on experience whilst earning a wage and gaining a qualification was the decision maker when considering her Electrical Apprenticeship with South Tyneside Homes.

"Before starting my apprenticeship with South Tyneside Homes I was studying Sports Science; I knew I wanted to do a job where I was out and about and doing something different every day. I knew I couldn't sit behind a desk all day. I wanted to do something practical and that is absolutely something I got with my apprenticeship, I like how varied it is, not doing the same thing every day."

I like learning on the job and developing my skills every day through work.

"Thinking to before I started my apprenticeship, I was excited, nervous and hopeful but I think my experience so far has been excellent, this was definitely the right choice for me and it's already given me priceless real world experience through work, and I know this process will continue to develop me as a person."

Johnny, Finance Assistant, South Tyneside Council

Johnny Nipper from South Shields was on course for a career in human anatomy and sciences but following attendance at a careers fair, considered a change of focus and began his Association of Accounting Technicians Apprenticeship.

 "The course I was studying was Physiological Sciences. The subject is about how the human body works and is very interesting, however I found university life too big of a distraction and considered looking for employment instead.

"I was attending a careers fair and got talking to someone about apprenticeships as a route to consider studying while earning an income and gaining employment. With this new found information I was targeting apprenticeship job adverts. I found an apprenticeship role at South Tyneside Council in finance and internal audit. The first thing I did was Google what internal audit was! The job description stated that I would be working towards an accountancy qualification with experience in finance work and internal audit work.

I enjoy working for South Tyneside Council because even as an apprentice I was treated like a valued member of the team. I was given the same responsibilities as full time members of staff and found the change from being seen as a student to a colleague suited me a lot more.

Now, Johnny is employed as a Finance Assistant on a permanent contract with South Tyneside Council.

"I was given a full time position nine months earlier than when my apprenticeship was due to end. I was allowed to continue with my studies and at the time of writing this I am one exam away from becoming qualified. Once I have achieved this I would like to continue studying to become a chartered accountant, which will open up more advanced job opportunities in the future.

"I have grown so much as a person. I have developed a lot of work based skills; however I have also matured and gained a positive attitude from working"

Ellie, Design and Print Business Administrator Apprentice, South Tyneside Council

Ellie Price, from South Shields, is one of 58 apprentices employed by South Tyneside Council whilst working towards a qualification.

"I'm employed as a Design and Print Business Administrator Apprentice which means I support the Design and Print team at South Tyneside Council while studying for my Business Administration Apprenticeship."

"Prior to starting this apprenticeship, I was working in a doctor's surgery where I helped out with any work that was piling up and just an extra helping hand alongside studying Beauty Therapy at college. I chose do this apprenticeship as I wanted a change from what I was doing and I enjoyed business when I was at school and Business Admin sounded appealing to me."

Working at South Tyneside Council has given the 19 year old experience of the working world, whilst developing her skills.

"I like the independence of being able to just come in on morning and be trusted to get on with my work. I have mandatory tasks of the role, but I'm also given the freedom to do my own thing. The experience I have gained is invaluable."

Apprenticeships are a great starting point for someone looking to get into their desired industry and introduce them to the working world.

Joseph - Plumbing and Gas Fitting Apprentice, South Tyneside Homes

Joseph Little, from South Shields, is one of 35 apprentices currently employed by South Tyneside Homes whilst working towards a vocational qualification.

"I chose the apprenticeship with South Tyneside Homes because I knew plumbing and gas fitting is a trade for life which is a challenging job which comes with a good salary."

I knew that the apprenticeship would suit me.

While working on the job to support the maintenance of South Tyneside Homes maintained properties, Joseph is studying towards a Level 2 Plumbing and Level 3 Gas Fitting NVQ.

"Before my apprenticeship I was excited and apprehensive but my experience has been very positive. Any nerves or worries I had were squashed as soon as I started. I've gained valuable qualifications and work experience in a welcoming environment.

"The job role varies throughout the different departments of South Tyneside Homes. As part of my learning, I am transferred throughout the company gaining experience in various job roles. I am given all the support I could need without question."