Road safety education

Child Pedestrian Training

Child Pedestrian Training is an initiative to help raise the skills and awareness of children to make sure they are a safer pedestrian.

The scheme provides practical roadside training for year 3 pupils and is offered to all schools across South Tyneside.

It is based on the fully evaluated Drumchaple model and has been developed to enable children to recognise a hazard, understand what a risk is and identify what is dangerous.

It provides them with the vital road safety skills needed in preparation for independent travel in the years to come.

Who it is for

Year 3 pupils.

What it involves

Training takes place on quiet assessed routes near to the school by fully competent trainers.

This is a six week project and four of these weeks are on roads near to the school doing practical crossings.

Parents play a big part in helping their children learn to stay safe. Children copy adult behaviour so it important that parents set a good example when using the roads, whether on foot, cycling or in the car.

For information visit Road Safety Matters - Guidance for parents of children aged 7-11.