Road safety education

What we offer

South Tyneside Road Safety team delivers education, training and publicity across our Borough for drivers, passengers, cyclists and pedestrians.

All sessions and advice are free of charge and provide essential introduction into safe road use for children and young road users, and valuable safety information for adults.

As children progress through school, road safety education is tailored to suit the needs of their year group through presentations, class room talks and class based activities.

We aim to encourage children / young road users to develop their own strategy for coping with the road environment and begin to understand the importance of making safe choices.

Sessions include:

Bikeability Plus

The Bikeability Plus programme offers children a great opportunity to become competent cyclists at an early age through the development of balance and control.

The programme is made up of progressive learning experiences, with fun ways to learn to cycle on balance bikes.

This programme is a foundation for cyclists of the future through which children can practise and achieve the balance needed to ride a bicycle, but without the encumbrance of pedals.

Balance bikes are the fundamental starting point for children's cycling and an excellent opportunity to promote active lifestyles at the earliest possible age.

Who it is for

Reception and year 1 children.

What it involves

Balance bikes are taken to the school and left for 4 four weeks in which time all of the pupils can try them out.

Each child who reaches the basic level will get a certificate.


Bikeability is a government approved National Standard for cycle training, a cycling proficiency course for the 21st Century.

It has been developed to give young people the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to ride safely on today's roads.

Who it is for

School children.

What it involves

There are 3 levels to the training:

  1. Level 1 takes part on the school yard and concentrates on basic bicycle control skills, such as braking safely, riding in a straight line, riding around obstacles and using gears effectively.
  2. Level 2 involves on-road training that takes place on risk assessed quiet local roads in real traffic conditions. Young people learn road positioning, how to pass parked cars as well as left and right turns into both major and minor roads.
  3. Level 3 is for secondary school students and training is delivered on busier roads with more complex junctions.

In recognition of their achievement, badges and certificates are awarded to all young people upon completion of each of the three levels.

Bikeability in South Tyneside

We have secured funding from the Department of Transport to deliver Bikeability to all of our schools in the Borough.

All of our instructors are accredited by the National Cycle Training Standard they are all First Aid Trained and have a current D.B.S.

Our aim is that every child leaving primary / junior school will have had the opportunity to achieve Bikeability training.

More information

For more information visit the Bikeability website.

Child Pedestrian Training

Child Pedestrian Training is an initiative to help raise the skills and awareness of children to make sure they are a safer pedestrian.

The scheme provides practical roadside training for year 3 pupils and is offered to all schools across South Tyneside.

It is based on the fully evaluated Drumchaple model and has been developed to enable children to recognise a hazard, understand what a risk is and identify what is dangerous.

It provides them with the vital road safety skills needed in preparation for independent travel in the years to come.

Who it is for

Year 3 pupils.

What it involves

Training takes place on quiet assessed routes near to the school by fully competent trainers.

This is a six week project and four of these weeks are on roads near to the school doing practical crossings.

Parents play a big part in helping their children learn to stay safe. Children copy adult behaviour so it important that parents set a good example when using the roads, whether on foot, cycling or in the car.

For information visit Road Safety Matters - Guidance for parents of children aged 7-11.

Independent Choices

Independent Choices is an initiative run by South Tyneside Council to provide year six pupils with the tools and knowledge they need to use public transport and provide a refresher in road safety.

The aim of this presentation is to give pupils the tools and knowledge to use public transport to travel to and from secondary school. The road safety message is to refresh what they have been taught throughout primary school to help with their transition into secondary school.

Many children are driven or escorted to their primary schools. As they move on to secondary school they often travel to school alone without the practical skills and knowledge they need. As a result many road traffic accidents take place amongst year seven pupils.

Who it is for

Year six pupils.

Independent Choices in South Tyneside

Our aim is that every child in year six will have the opportunity to view the Independent Choices presentation before they transition into secondary school.

We currently have funding to deliver Independent Choices to all of our primary / junior schools in the Borough.

Road safety services for you or your business

Our highly experienced and skilled team can offer advice and guidance on a wide range of highways safety issues, including:

  • Road safety management
  • Road signage and traffic signals
  • Highway safety management
  • Road safety education
  • Route management for abnormal loads

Arrange a road safety session for your school

If you would like to arrange a road safety visit, or discuss any of the below schemes please contact the Road Safety team:

Tel: 0191 424 7613