Street works permit scheme

About the permit scheme

Following a consultation which ran from 30 July 2019 to 30 October 2019, we introduced a permit scheme for gas, electricity, water and telecommunication companies to carry out street works activities.

Responses to the consultation can be viewed at Street works permit scheme consultation responses.

The permit scheme came into place in March 2020. 

A permit scheme will mean any gas, electricity, water and telecommunication company have to arrange a time to carry out street works. 

Special arrangements will apply for any emergency works.

This will allow us to better manage and coordinate road works taking place within the Borough and help to:

  • increase efficiency in the running of our roads
  • reduce delays and disruption to economic activity
  • improve reliability of journey times, especially by public transport
  • improve safety at all road work sites for the public and on site workers
  • improve communication about the purpose of the road works and how long they will take