Order a certificate

Ordering a certificate

At the moment we do not have an online ordering system.

If you have found a record on our historical search and you want to request a certificate, you should note down the on-screen record details and send them to:

Register Office
10 Broughton Road,
South Shields,
NE33 2RN

Please inlude your payment if you are paying by cheque or postal order, and your contact details, including full address.

Alternatively, requests can be made by email.

If you want to pay by card, please call the Register Office on 0191 424 6350 and payment can be taken over the phone. 

If you are ordering more than one certificate please make out a separate cheque for each search. If one search is unsuccessful we need only return the cheque for that search and issue on the remaining.

If you have made an enquiry and we have successfully found the correct record, simply request a certificate and we'll let you know how you can pay.