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Keep your bins in a safe place on your property and return them on the same day after collection.


There is a charge for all replacement wheelie bins if:

  • One of your wheelie bins has gone missing
  • There is no bin at your property when you move in (this includes if you have moved into a 'new build' home and there is no bin at your property)
  • Your bin is damaged (including fire and vandalism)

If your wheelie bin is damaged by us, there is no charge for a replacement, in this case please call the Contact Centre on 0191 427 7000.


  • 360 litre grey household bin (new) - £49.30
  • grey household bin (new) - £32.20
  • grey household bin (refurbished) - Free
  • blue recycling bin (new) - £32.20
  • green garden waste bin (new) - £32.20

The standard bin size is 240 litres.

New bins will be delivered to your address.

You are only entitled to have one household bin and one recycling bin per property.

Our crews will empty one household bin per property on collection day.

Please note: You can only order one new bin using the online form. If you need to order more than one bin either complete the form again or call the contact centre on 0191 427 7000.

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Blue bin caddy

Replacement black caddies for the recycling blue bins are free of charge. 

Request a new blue bin caddy

Collection of empty unwanted containers will cost £10.00.