Changing Spaces for people with complex needs


  1. Overview
  2. Where to find changing spaces
  3. What to bring


Changing Spaces are designed for people with complex needs and their carers so people can be supported to change with dignity. 

They are available in buildings across South Tyneside. They are available for people who need them - even if they don't use the services available in the rest of the building.  

The project was funded by South Tyneside Learning Disabilities Partnership Board. Equal People (an involvement group for people with learning disabilities) designed the logo to promote this service.

The spaces are all cleaned regularly and maintained by staff who manage the building.

All staff will be offered learning disabilities awareness training.

Where to find Changing Spaces in South Tyneside

Changing spaces has several location throughout South Tyneside, see list below for more information.

  • Horsley Hill community facility
  • Jarrow community centre
  • Hebburn Central swimming pool
  • Perth Green Base in Jarrow
  • Cleadon Park NHS Building
  • Haven Point swimming pool
  • Simonside Youth Centre
  • Monkton Stadium

If you would like to become a Changing Space or want to find out more about Equal People, please contact Carole Watson (Involvement Worker) on 0191 3404173 or by email on

What to bring

You will need to bring your own harness, sling, towels and wipes if needed.