Market traders

Information for market traders

Set on a historic market square around the Old Town Hall, the market is at the heart of South Shields Town Centre and next to attractions such as The Word and The Customs House.

The market is now fully open, including for non-essential retail.

We are pleased to welcome back current traders and new traders, who may want to restart or expand their businesses at the market.


Market stalls cost £16 per stall with no long-term commitment - traders can sign up one week at a time.

Market stalls

All market stalls and canopies are supplies and erected by the council.

The size of the trading space on the stalls is:

  • 6 feet 6 inches wide by 11 feet long

Apply to be a market trader

To operate a market stall in South Tyneside, you may need a market stall licence.

Apply to operate a market stall on South Shields Market

If you have any questions or would like more information, please email  


    • Please follow any instructions given to you by the market representative
    • Follow any signage displayed on the market
    • Only bring items which can be place on or underneath a stall
    • No racking, rails or build outs from stalls
    • The market will close at 3pm (unless advised otherwise) for stalls to be cleaned and cleared away

    Vehicles and loading

    • All vehicles must be moved from the Market Square before trading starts
    • Trading from vehicles is not allowed
    • Please follow instructions from the market representative about loading and unloading vehicles


    • Rent payments will be taken by the Market Officer at your stall between approximately 11am and 11.30am
    • Please have the correct amount of money if possible, to reduce the amount of cash handling
    • The Council is working towards contactless payments in 2022


    • Please clear any waste from your stall regularly and when the market has closed
    • Please follow good hygiene techniques at all times

    COVID-19 guidance for market traders

    • Do not come to the market if you have any symptoms of COVID-19
    • Please let the market representative know if you become ill while you are trading

    Thank you for supporting the market, your help is appreciated.

    If you have any queries, please contact David Amess on 07951825264 or email