Thousands Use Family Hubs Across South Tyneside

Posted by: caroline smith on 01 July 2024 12:08

Family Hubs are transforming the way services for families are delivered across South Tyneside.

In the last year thousands of families have accessed South Tyneside Family Hubs taking advantage of better integrated services from conception up to the age of 19 or 25 for those with additional needs.

The network of 12 hubs has seen over 50,000 contacts from 8,500 children, young people, parents, and carers.

The hubs provide access to a broad range of universal, targeted and specialist services offering high quality information, advice, and support for families with teams located at venues across the borough, enabling families to access the right support at the right time. The support on offer includes parenting support, early language and home learning, parent-child relationships, and infant feeding support.

The hubs are part of the Start for Life programme and aim to bring improved access, collaboration, and relationships.

A range of professionals and service providers, including midwives, health visitors, early help workers and adolescent workers are located at the hubs to provide a 'one-stop-shop' so that families need only tell their story once and help can be provided at the earliest opportunity. Around 80 organisations now work from the hubs although staff work within other locations too as well as in families' homes as part of an effective outreach service.

Louise Taylor, age 33, from Jarrow, is just one of the 5,224 parents and carers who has accessed the hubs since they launched in June 2023.

Louise with daughter Kairi

Louise said: "I didn't know many people when I moved to the area, and I felt isolated.

"I really struggled with anxiety, but when I started attending Bede Family Hub, I instantly felt welcomed. It's given me a sense of belonging.

"I'm now a lot more confident and the Family Hub has given me a place to socialise and make new friends.

"I've grown so much as a parent and that means that my kids are growing too. I've attended the 'HENRY' programme and that gave me the skills to help us live a healthier and happier lifestyle. I'm able to manage my child's behaviour better which makes home life so much more manageable and means my children have a really happy and supportive home environment."

Family Hubs are all about providing valuable and welcoming services for the whole family, from the beginning of pregnancy and throughout the child's early life and beyond.

Parenthood brings all sorts of challenges but, by offering the right support at the right time, the Council aims to help families build their confidence and skills to become knowledgeable and resilient units.

Louise added: "I go to the playgroup every Monday and try to attend individual sessions too, during the holidays I'm able to take my older child and he sees the Family Hub as a safe and welcoming space.

"I'd encourage any parent or carer to give it a try and see for themselves what is on offer."

The hubs cater for young people up to the age of 19 (25 for those with additional needs).

Parents and carers, including those of children with additional needs, have been involved in shaping services at the hubs. A Family Hubs Parent and Carer Panel has been established, with members drawn from a diverse range of families.

With Family Hubs catering for older children, young people have also been directly involved in shaping activities on offer.

Last week over 400 people took part in birthday week celebrations and activities to mark the one-year anniversary of Family Hubs in South Tyneside.

To view a video about Louise's story, see Family Hubs - Louise's story.

The Council would like to hear views on South Tyneside Family Hubs and the services offered to families. Responses will help shape the future offer and help to ensure the needs of every child, young person and family in South Tyneside are being met.

The survey is aimed at parents and carers of children aged 0-19 years (or up to 25 if they have special educational needs), as well as parents who are expecting a baby, whether or not they have visited a family hub. Complete the survey.

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